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Niederfinow Boat Lift

The Niederfinow boat lift is the oldest boat lift that is still operating in Germany today. Its construction began in 1927 and it opened in 1934. The lift connects two main waterways (the Oder river and the Finow Canal) facilitating the access to the city of Berlin. Between the upper and lower harbour of the lift there is a difference in altitude of 36 meters which is cleared in only five minutes.

The motivation to do this photographic project in Niederfinow emerged from the amazing harmony of technology and landscape and the interplay of people and water. One watches the boats entering and leaving, the movement of the boat tank, the gates opening or the magnificent views from the visitors’ gallery and it is difficult not to feel enchanted by the unique aesthetic of this place…

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Niderfinow 02

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What Cats Actually Wear…

Still Life Photographs with Children Clothing

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